Küche / Kitchen

If you want to donate ingredients to the kitchen, please try to bring your donations between 1pm and 3pm. If they need to be picked up, please call us by noon on the day of the event. You are welcome to bring prepared food with you to share.

Vegan/vegetarian, SF Fusion
(American/German/Asian Fusion)

Menus are based on produce and ingredients donated in time for use. We try to find ways to make use of donated produce.
Ideal menu:

  • green salad with special dressing
  • fruit salad
  • warm cabbage salad or saurekraut
  • vegetible stir fry with greens, garlic, ginger, preserved black beens
  • baked potato caserole or mashed potatoes
  • black beens and brown rice
  • chef's special
  • caffeine free chai
  • teas & water

We shop for produce at SF Food Bank during the week as resources permit. We purchase what we need Friday mornings. We pickup produce and ingredients donations prior to making purchases. Always needed Fresh or Dried:   Herbs & Spices

Left Over Food and Produce
We can not predict how many people will show up, so we try to make more than enough. This may result in left overs. Both prepared food, and fresh produce, bread, etc.

Priority for dispersing left overs will go to individuals who bring personal food containers or plastic bags, then to non-profit organizations with the ability to safely transport, store, serve, and prepare food.

Vehicles with owner/drivers are sometimes needed between 9am - 1pm weekdays in San Francisco to help with transportation.

We borrow some tools from other kitchens. We are slowly replacing these with donated tools, or by purchasing them when donated money becomes available.


Monday thru Friday before Voku

Shop at SF Food Bank for free fruit / vegetabls and low cost food. Put in storage room or refridgerate / freeze.

Voku Friday

If scheduled, hold planning meeting. Specific time and place will be announced a few days in advance.
12:30 (or before) pick up any stored produce from storage locations, transport and deliver to venue by 2pm.
1pm Open venue for volunteers. Plan menu for dinner. Figure out if any ingredients need to be purchased. Start food preparations.
By 2pm Write up menu, send people to buy needed ingredients.
5:00pm start preparing social hall for serving food
No later than 6:30pm, start serving supper in social hall.
5:30pm start cleaning and packing up. If any left over produce, put it out for guest to take home what they want.
8:30pm, If any left over supper, prepare it for delivery
9pm, start final cleaning. Try to leave venue as clean or cleaner than we found it. Take away as much as possible. Anything not removed should be out of the way with a plan for removing asap.

after Voku Friday.
If anything remains, remove as soon as possible.